There can be multiple types of activities that can be volunteered. Below are some of the samples. These things will be depending on the current situation of the farm.

  1. Weed Removal – A regular requirement for every farmer.
  2. Seed Treatment (Vittana Shuddhi), preparation of seedlings, transplantation of the seedlings etc.
  3. Preparation of various solutions like Drava Jeevamritam, Go Kripamritam, Neem Decoction, Atavi Chaitanya Dravakam, Matti Dravakam (CVR Method)  etc along with Ghana Jeevamritam.
  4. Understanding and usage of various manual tools both iron and wooden that are being used including but not limited to various types of Digging material, weed removals etc..
  5. Usage of power tools like Power Weeder, Sprayer, Brush Cutter etc.. (if any) and their materials
  6. Construction of Trellis
  7. Digging / Debris removal in Trenches
  8. Preparation of Small Divisions(Madis) inside the farm for water flow controlling etc..
  9. Arranging / Tying of the creepers and similar plants or provision of support to leaning plants
  10. Watering the plants (Flood irrigation / Drip / Rain Pipe based irrigation)
  11. Learn and Experiment Grafting
  12. Mulching (Subject to availability of Mulching material)
  13. Pruning
  14. Feeding the Cows
  15. Harvesting
  16. Identify and/or plant herbal plants
  17. Beautification
  18. Pollination
  19. Stacking
  20. Hut making (subject to material availability)
  21. Experimenting Vertical and/or Multi Story Farming ideas
  22. Bed making
  23. Border/Fencing Plantation.