Puranic Tambola – Shiva Theme

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Puranic Tambola is a Traditional Variant to the famous Tambola / Housie Game. In place of numbers you will find different names of Lord Shiva.

This game can be played in Physical Gatherings or Online.

Instructions are provided separately for both Online and Physical below.


To Play in Physical:

  1. From the downloads Print the following:
    Tickets: PT_Shiva_Theme_308_Tickets.pdf – Depending on the no. of expected players you can choose how many pages you want to print. There are 8 tickets in each A4 Size page. Cut the tickets so that you can distribute them to the players. You may also need to supply toothpicks or pens or something to mark the Ticket while playing.

    : You can either use one of the below : PT_Shiva_Theme_Cues_To_Cut.pdf – This has a description and a question that you can ask while playing. So that you don’t need to refer to the reference manual.
    Cut each of the Cue carefully. Fold each of the Cue with text inside such that the Cue is not visible while playing. Keep the folded Cues in a box so that you can shuffle and pick the cue while playing.

    : PT_Shiva_Theme_Game_Sheet.pdf – This is the sheet the organizer will be using while playing to mark what is already announced.

    Reference material
    : PT_Shiva_Theme_Referrence_Material.pdf  This gives a description about each of the Cue used in the game. You don’t really need to print this. You can refer to this in your mobile / laptop. 
  2. Distribute the tickets.
  3. Announce the Instructions like Jaldi Five, First Line, 2nd Line, 3rd Line, Housie etc..
  4. When the game starts, shuffle the Cues Box and pick one and read out the name. Continue the same until the game ends.
  5. For detailed instructions you can refer to

To Play Online:

  1. Download the Tickets PDF. It has got 308 Unique Tickets. 
  2. Send this Tickets PDF to the players using Whatsapp or Zoom or any other medium. You can also send the link of and ask them to register and download the same. Each of our Tickets has a Ticket Number. So you just need to assign the Ticket Number to the individual names. 
  3. Open the Gamesheet using the below URL
  4. Make a Copy of the Above Google Spreadsheet – Use a Desktop or Laptop . Navigation: File Menu -> Make a Copy It will create a new spreadsheet in your google drive. Make sure you are logged in with a google account.
  5. Now Click on the Initiate PT Menu > Initiate Game Option – This will ask you for an Authorization. Click on Continue. Choose the account you want to authorize with, Choose Advanced,click on Go to GetRandomCue and then Choose Allow. Don’t worry it is safe. It’s a script by Lokahitam itself. Not a third party one.
  6. Now Click on the Initiate PT -> Initiate Game and Follow the instructions. Make sure Cell E1 is empty.  Once the Game is Initiated, it will show Game in Progress in the Cell E1.
  7. Now, you are ready to start the game. So, make sure you do the screensharing to the audience from now onwards.
  8. Now Click on the Menu Next Cue > Next Cue Item. This will populate the current Cue in the Cell G1 and the description in the cell G2.
  9. You can also see the past Cues drawn highlighted in the Game Sheet in Yellow Color.
  10. You can complete it until it completes all or upto the Full Housie etc..
  11. Do Not change any other cells as it may not work. If you have done any changes then don’t worry just make a copy again and do it from the beginning.