Maha Khel – Treasure(less) Hunt – Asanas Theme

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Maha Khel – Treasure(less) Hunt – Asanas Theme – Is an innovative variant of the Lokahitam’s Maha Khel Physical Game. While the Core Intention of the game being introducing or memorizing various Yoga Asanas, fun is really unlimited in this game.

This game can be downloaded and printed and played physically with people starting from 3 to 300. This can be a game that can be played while sitting, standing or running.

Key Learnings from this game:

            • Team Spirit
            • Team Management
            • Strategy
            • Time Management

Instructions to Play:

  • Print all the 21 Posters (A4 size is good enough).
  • Hang / Paste / Place all the Posters randoms across the area / room. You can either hang / stick these posters.
  • If you want this game to be more running then keep them far apart. If you want them more of a sitting game then keep them all an one place.
  • Divide all the participants in to teams.
  • Each team can be identified with a badge/ribbon
  • Provide each team with one title which is provided in the Team names sheet.
  • Provide a white paper and/or pen or ask them to use their smart phones to write the answers.
  • Now when the game start every team has to start with the first title and then find out the remaining titles related to his team but in the correct order.
  • Here Order is important.
  • Rules and Instructions to be provided to the teams
    • Every team provided with their first Title
    • First go and search for the First Title.
    • When you find the first title, in that the next title name is provided against your team name. Example: Team 1: Rama.
    • Now go to the 2nd Title and find the 3rd Title.
    • Go on and on Until you get an End as your Title.
    • Who ever  completes first they are first.
    • If no one completes within a given time then who ever completes more they are the winners.
  • If there is a Tie, then grace time can be provided to filter the winner.