Tambola, also known as Indian Bingo or Housie, is a game of probability. The organizer/caller calls the CUE/COIN one at a time and players need to strike the matching CUE/COIN on their tickets.

Puranic Tambola is an innovative variation of the typical Housie / Bingo game where we have diligently merged the fun aspects of the game with recollection of some great Puranic characters. This interesting twist to the traditional number based Tambola takes away the monotonous aspects of calling out dry numbers and instead provides the organizer a handy tool to make the game lot more educating and interactive as the names of Puranic characters get drawn every time in the form of CUEs. With this the learning and the fun aspects with Puranic Tambola can touch new heights only to be limited by the creativity of the organizer.

Who Can Play: All ages, right from 5 year old child to senior most citizens around can enjoy playing this amazing game!!

No. of Participants: More the merrier! While in a typical family setting 4-6 people can have good fun playing this Tambola; during birthday parties, family get-togethers, public gatherings like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri, New Year events about 150+ people can play at one time as well..