How To Play ?

  • Pass on the Puranic Tambola Tickets to the participants.
  • Announce the Rules and Prizes.
  • Keep the 60 CUES in a pouch or box.
  • Shake the CUEs well and pick a CUE.
  • To create an interest in the participants, instead of reading out what is there on the CUE ask a question around the name picked out to add curiosity & learning in the participants. A simple reference material is provided for you to understand what is there in every CUE. Anchor of the game can refer to that reference material before starting the game.
  • Slogans like ”Jai Jai Mata – Bharat Mata”, “Hara Hara – Mahadev” and “Mataram Mataram – Vande Mataram” may be given in between the games to create more inspirational fun among the participants.
  • Participants who complete winning patterns based on the prizes announced should come forward and present the ticket to be verified. Organizer can keep validating the winner entries and hand over the prizes appropriately.


Sky and pockets are the only limits to give out prizes but here are our few suggestions.

Individual Prizes:

  • Jaldi 5 (First 5)
  • 1st Row, 2nd Row, 3rd Row
  • 1st Full House, 2nd Full House etc..

Group Prizes:

Based on your group dynamics, you may include group prizes as well.


If playing in birthday party, you may have prizes announced based on “boys vs. girls”, “children” vs. “adults” kind of dynamics. If playing in your residential community gathering, you may have prizes like “First 10 from same block/floor” etc.

In a party, you may announce “first 5 from same dinner table” and so on.

All in all, with Puranic Tambola, there is just no limit to the creativity, fun & learning that you can experience!!