1. Can ladies and children join this?
    Yes Very much. It is 100% safe as we don’t use any pesticides and we only onboard the farmers who follow natural / organic farming only. Make sure they wear proper shoes to protect their feet from the stones etc..Precautions will be explained at the beginning on what to do and what not to do. We want as many children as possible to learn farming and Bharat’s future is farming and it is our responsibility to teach farming to the children.
  2. Will there be any Toilets?
    May or may not be depending on the farm. But there will be a designated private area which will be communicated. Or we can arrange in the near by village if you are not comfortable.
  3. How will be the treatment there?
    Note that the purpose of this program is not to get the luxurious treatment but is to understand and experience the village life and / or farmers life.
  4. Will there be any Toilets?
    We don’t advice if you are with infants, as you don’t really have a room kind of place for your child to sleep. You will need to use your car.