Reference Material


1 Abhimanyu Son of Arjuna and Subhadra.
2 Angada Son of Bali and Tara
3 Aswathama Son of Dronacharya and Krupi
4 Ayodhya Birth place of Sri Rama
5 Bakasura A Rakshasa killed by Bhima
6 Balarama Elder borther of Krishna, avatara of Shesha
7 Bhishma Popular name of Devratha, son of King Shantanu & Ganga.
8 Brahma The Creator among the Hindu Trinity.
9 Devaki Mother who gave birth to Krishna
10 Dhadeechi The Maharshi who gave his backbone to Indra to make Vajrayudha
11 Dhruva Young boy who pleased Vishnu with his Tapasya at tender age of 5 years
12 Drona He is linked to the current city Gurugaon. Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas
13 Durga The principal form of Goddess, embodiment of “Shakti”
14 Dushyanth Husband of Shakunthala,Father of Bharatha
15 Dusshala The only Daughter of Dritrashtra and Gandhari
16 Dwarka One of the four Chardhams, established by Krishna
17 Gandhari Daughter of Subala, the king of Gandhara
18 Ganesha He is Vignaharta, remover of the obstacles
19 Ganga The river which was brought to earth with penance of Bhageeratha
20 Hanuman Ardent devotee of Sri Rama, son of Anjana and Kesari
21 Hidimba Wife of Bhima and mother of Ghatotkaccha
22 Janaka King of Mithila Kingdom, father of Sita
23 Jarasanda King of Magada killed by Bhima
24 Jatayu Bird who gives up life trying to save Sita!
25 Kaikeyi Queen who saved Dasharatha’s life in battle with Sambasura
26 Kamakhya One of the most famous Shakti Peethas situated in Guwahati, Assam
27 Karna Known as Danaveera for his charitable acts
28 Kartikeya The brother of Lord Ganesha
29 Kashi Holy city which was cultural center of Northern India in earlier times
30 Krupi Wife of Dronacharya,sister of krupacharya
31 Kubera Lord of Wealth and the king of the Yakshas
32 Kunti Wife of Pandu, Mother of Yudhistira, Arjuna and Bhima
33 Laxman Son of Dasharatha & Sumitra, brother of Sri Rama!
34 Madri Wife of Pandu, Mother of Nakula and Sahadeva
35 Mandodari Wife of Ravana, one of the most pious and righteous women
36 Matsya First Avatar of Lord Vishnu in which he appears in form of a Fish
37 Nachiketa Famous for his dialogue with Yama and utmost faith.
38 Nakula Pandava who was expert in horse keeping & Astrology
39 Nandi Vehicle of Lord Shiva
40 Narada Most travelled sage, chanting “Narayana Narayana” always
41 Parikshit Son of Abhimanyu & Uttara whose life was saved by Krishna
42 Parvathi The Mother of Lord Ganesha
43 Patanjali The author of Mahabhashya, master of Yoga & Ayurveda
44 Sahadeva Youngest of the 5 Pandava brothers
45 Sanjaya One who relayed live commentary of war to Dhritarashtra
46 Sanjivani The herb brought by Hanuman which saved Laxman
47 Saraswati The Godess of Knowledge
48 Shravan Boy who carried his blind parents for pilgrimage in their old age
49 SriRama Famous king of Ayodhya, embodiment of Dharma
50 Sugriva Younger brother of Vali, king of vanaras
51 Sumitra Queen of Dasharatha, mother of Laxmana
52 Sunaina Mother of Sita, wife of King Janak
53 Tirumala Temple town which is abode of Lord Venkateshwara
54 Urmila Wife of Lakshmana, sister of Sita
55 Uttara Daughter of King Virat, wife of Abhimanyu
56 Valmiki The great sage and author of Ramayana
57 VedaVyas The author of Mahabharata
58 Vidura Embodiment of Dharma, brother of Dhritarashtra & Pandu
59 Vrindavan One of the childhood places of Krishna
60 Yama Lord of Death